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Yves Capra has worked as a Teacher, a teacher Trainer, a course or school Director, a language course Designer and a Lecturer for:

  • The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ cultural services (Colombia, Morocco, Denmark);
  • The Eurocentres Foundation (Centres Européens Langues et Civilisation, Zürich) in France (La Rochelle & Paris).
  • He is the founder of:
  • "French for Business" (Paris, 1998-2003), a service dedicated to corporate executives.
  • "French for EU Public Affairs" (Brussels, 1996 - 2003), a service dedicated to the staff of the representation bureaus & missions to the European Union.
  • "French for International Affairs" (Europe, 2020), this service via VideoConference.

  • Since 2009, he works too as an independent editor ("France e-Learning Editions"):
  • "French for International Affairs: EU Public Affairs & International Relations" - 2012 (CD-ROM, discontinued).
  • "News of France: Politics & Society" - 2013 (CD-ROM, discontinued).
  • A series of e-Learning Mobile Apps available on Google Play & Amazon Appstore.
  • He has also lived, worked or studied during long periods in Seoul, Stockholm, Washington, Geneva & Algiers.
  • Born in Normandy, he holds a Master's degree in Classics (French, Latin, Ancient Greek) from the University of Caen, France and a Master’s degree in Baltic Sea Region Studies with a specialization in International Relations from Södertörns Högskola, Sweden.
  • He speaks English (C1) & Spanish (B2, a long time ago) and read German (B2), Swedish (C1) and Danish (B2).