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35 years of international experience

  • With academic degrees both in French teaching and in International Relations, your teacher has 35 years of international experience (South America, North Africa, North-East Asia and Europe) in training clients with specific professional interests.
  • This course has been offered in the past in Paris & Copenhagen to corporate managers and in Brussels, with a special focus on EU Policies, to experts working in national, regional and corporate representations to the EU.

Our clients in Paris and Brussels (“French for Business & European Public Affairs” / 1996-2003): Stora Enso France, Sony Europe, BT Brussels Representation Office, Touchstone Europe, the Financial Times, Dow Jones International, Reuters, the UK and Finnish Representations to the EU, German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH) Representation to the EU, and Regional Representations to the EU from Sweden (West Sweden), Denmark (Aarhus, Aalborg, South Denmark, West Zealand), the UK (Scotland Europa, Scottish Executive) and Netherlands (East Netherlands Provinces).

Now via VideoConference!

  • Since spring 2020 I work via VideoConference, which is much appreciated by Euro-commuters as they can have a lesson wherever they are (e.g. in Brussels and in their home country)!
  • I am now working with clients posted in Brussels, Paris, Geneva, Berlin, Francfort, London, Vienna, Warsaw and even Washington!

A high degree of flexibility

  • You may buy a 5, 10 or more -hour card (depending, for example, on your office’s allowance) or pay at the end of each month.
  • The same card can be shared by several persons working in the same office.
  • Lessons are held online, via your favorite video conferencing tool (mostly Zoom), once or several times a week.
  • The individual meetings are agreed upon one week in advance with the possibility to reschedule, even at very short notice.
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