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"Intensive Discussion"

30 min (or more) weekly individual sessions

60 € / 60 min

  • Intensive discussion in French on topics of your choice.
  • Language corrections and input are given straight away during the lessons.
  • No special preparation work is required in-between two lessons.
  • Sessions can take place at lunch time or after work, at your office or in a coffee shop or even early evening.

This individual course is best suitable for persons with an Advanced or Superior Level who want to activate, improve or maintain their French but have a very tight schedule (hence the possibility for a 30 min session) and no time for preparation in-between two sessions.

"Task-oriented Course"

60 min (or more) weekly individual sessions

60 € / 60 min (minimum 5 hour card)

One-off help to prepare for

a specific task in French:

  • to present oneself in a private or professional context.
  • to interview or be interviewed (job / media).
  • to present one’s company or organisation.
  • to participate in a specific meeting / seminar.
  • to present a product or a project.
  • to explain an administrative procedure or a technical process.
  • to deliver a speech (rehearsal exercise).
  • to find an apartment or a school in Paris.
  • to open a bank account in Paris.
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"Special EU Presidency"

  • Short CONVERSATION sessions (30 min or +) on the topics of your choice, including EU Affairs.