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Individual Lessons for:

  • Diplomats in French-speaking countries.
  • Staff of International organizations: OECD, UNESCO, EU, WTO, OSCE,...
  • Experts & Diplomats working in missions & representations to International organizations.
  • Corporate Executives.

High Degree of Flexibility

  • The meetings (one or twice a week) are agreed upon one week in advance with the possibility to reschedule, even at very short notice.

All the lessons online

via Zoom Meetings,

Microsoft Teams,…

60 € / 60 min

I teach all levels:

Full Beginners & Levels A1 / A2:

Survival French for Expats

  • A series of interactive Grammar, Pronunciation & Vocabulary exercises in order to quickly mingle with the locals!

From level B1:

French Language & Society

  • Interactive Grammar, Pronunciation & Vocabulary exercises.
  • Study of written, audio & video documents on French economy, society, politics & culture.


  • Lessons are invoiced (to private persons or to offices) 60 euros for 60 minutes.
  • You may buy a 5, 10 or more -hour card (depending, for example, on your office’s allowance) or pay at the end of each month.

International Experience

With academic degrees in French teaching and in International Relations, your teacher, Yves Capra, has worked for 35 years in South America, North Africa, North-East Asia & Europe.